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Did you say Sculpture? No, no, no. Sculptra. But The Treatment Is a Work of Art

Sandra Wilczynska, owner and founder of Prestige Beauty Bar standing next to a sculpture of a warrior

Our bodies are works of art. It’s amazing how it grows, can heal itself, and changes over time. Not all of these changes are ones that we exactly want but, unfortunately, we don’t always have a choice.

Or do we?

Maintaining a natural appearance is, of course, important but as our skin stretches and ages, there is a way to regain a smooth and youthful look. Erase those fine lines and wrinkles by activating your collagen production with a Sculptra treatment.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic injection that tightens the skin and provides natural results, lasting up to two years. It allows the skin to renew itself and has minimal side effects. With a total procedure time of approximately 30 minutes and at least 3 sessions 6 weeks apart, you will notice a gradual change in your skin as the collagen starts reproducing in the deeper layers of your skin. Within 6 months to a year, full results are visible and that youthful glow of yours will return.

Sculptra for Everyone!

There really aren’t limits in terms of who can and cannot receive a Sculptra treatment. However, it is not recommended for people who:

  • Are immune compromised

  • Are pregnant

  • Are lactating

  • Have multiple allergies

  • Have an active infection

Beyond that, it is a great treatment for clients who want natural, longer-lasting results. It is also important to remember that Sculptra does not show immediate results, but rest assured that if you are patient and consistent with your treatments the facial enhancement will not disappoint.

Description of how Collagen is a key to skin firmness with zoomed-in images of youthful versus aging skin

The key to the success of Sculptra is its ability to reach deep into the layers of your skin in order to stimulate the process of creating collagen. Collagen decreases in our bodies as we age and, in order to maintain the health of things like our skin, hair, and nails. Replenishing depleted collagen is invaluable, it makes our tissues strong and provides the ability for it to bounce back after being stretched.

This is exactly what medical aesthetics tries to emulate with various types of treatments and procedures depending on what the client wants. The fact that Sculptra can help us naturally produce our own collagen to reinvigorate our bodies is amazing.

Areas Prestige Beauty Bar Treats with Sculptra

One of the reasons Sculptra is so effective is that it treats the layers under the skin to provide a refreshed structure. More full-looking skin reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Areas of concern, that Prestige treats include:

  • Temple hollows

  • Cheek hollows

  • Cheek depressions

  • Nasolabial folds

  • Marionette lines

  • Chin folds/wrinkles

Woman’s face with lines showing the different areas that Sculptra can help

With a focus on the face, Prestige Beauty Bar is able to provide experienced treatment to ensure proper injection and desired results. Every client will have a personalized consultation to discuss the areas in which they would like to see change and also be given professional insight on necessity for each area of concern.

Health Canada Approved

Another reason to give Sculptra a try is the fact that it is Health Canada approved, as of 2004; there is scientific evidence that it works. Sculptra does not contain animal products or human DNA, therefore, offering one of the most natural aesthetic beauty treatments available. If the fine lines and wrinkles are all you see in the mirror, but the thought of getting filler makes you nervous then Sculptra could be your answer.

Achieving natural results takes time but, as its been proven, Sculptra can eliminate those wrinkles and have your skin looking as smooth as a well-sculpted statue. If you are looking for more immediate results then filler is a better choice, it just depends on what your beauty goals entail. Sculptra is more long-term and is suited for clients who are focused on the development of collagen and allowing their bodies to do the work more naturally.

Get your chiseled features back with a Sculptra treatment. Book a free initial consultation to discuss your beauty plan or visit for more information.

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