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Restore volume and achieve a soft, ageless look.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a medical aesthetic biostimulator used to activate collagen production; it provides the skin the ability to rejuvenate and renew itself. This poly-L-lactic acid injectable is notable for its natural-looking results as it smooths fine lines and wrinkles while adding volume to your skin and providing a youthful appearance.


The Details

Procedure Time: 30 minutes

Anesthesia: Lidocaine is mixed into the product

Recovery Time:  Minimal bruising and swelling for 24-48 hours

Pain Level:  Minimal

Number of Sessions Required:  3 sessions recommended, 6 weeks apart

Number of Syringes Required: Number of vials used is age and client dependent

Results: Best results are visible 6 months to a year after initial treatment; this gives collagen time to grow

Side Effects:  Bruising and swelling near injection site. Possible nodule formation due to product not being massaged out properly

Treatment not recommended are immune compromised, pregnant, lactating, have multiple allergies, or have any active infections

Why Sculptra?

Womans face with lines pointing to all the areas Sculptra can help
A list of the different benefits of Sculptra
Information on ideal candidates for Sculptra and two before and after photos

Sculptra Questions Answered

What is Sculptra used for?

It is used to replenish your body's collagen.

Does Sculptra migrate?

No, it will stay where it is injected.

How many vials of Sculptra are needed for the face?

The general formula is one vial per decade, starting at the age of 30; but it can vary person to person.

What is in Sculptra?

A biostimulator that contains micro particles of poli-L-lactic acid.

Is Sculptra a filler?

No, it's a biostimulator that stimulates your own collagen.

Is Sculptra safe long-term?

Components of Sculptra have been around since 1932 with very little side effects noted.

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