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I Want Elasticity In My Leggings And My Skin!

Four women standing together wearing tight leggings

It’s no secret that one of the reasons women wear leggings is because they provide comfort that, regardless of what we eat or drink or whatever way we feel, they will expand and contract as needed. These are our expectations of leggings, to maintain elasticity providing us with, whether an illusion or not, the confidence and comfort we need to slay our day.

I want my skin to do the same. No matter how old I get it’s going to just bounce back to its smooth and youthful look after a good night's rest. Unfortunately, unlike our tried and true leggings, our skin isn’t as reliable. Inevitably we start to show signs of lines and wrinkles and the dreaded sagging begins.

You think all is lost, but before succumbing to the villain of time Prestige Beauty Bar has a solution, Morpheus8; a combination of microneedling and radio frequency.

Morpheus8 treatment depths graph

What does a Morpheus8 treatment do?

Morpheus8 is arguably the most effective treatment available for aging skin. This particular modular RF fractional solution targets soft tissue and smaller areas of the skin. Its main purpose is to heat your tissue in order to stimulate collagen production. It is safe on almost all skin types and has very little risk of hyperpigmentation.

Examples of Morpheus8 benefits:

  • Skin laxity

  • Adipose tissue remodeling

  • Acne scarring

This treatment can be done on the full face, neck, and body. There is very minimal post-treatment side effects, they can include minor redness and some swelling. Another question that is often asked is:

Can I receive other treatment before or after a Morpheus8 treatment?

In short, it’s not ideal. However, you could avoid doing Morpheus8 on your forehead and continue with other treatments such as Botox. In addition you should wait at least six months after having fillers or other soft tissue treatments done before doing Morpheus8.

Smiling woman with words stating that Morpheus8 boosts collagen and skin texture

By adding radio frequency, Morpheus8 tightens skin more efficiently and immediately. The combination with microneedling stimulates collagen production and the effect on your skin is truly amazing. No more saggy, droopy skin or double chin; you’ll look younger and have smoother and softer skin.

It’s all about keeping it tight.

Morpheus8 will not disappoint, just like those leggings we love to wear.

Tight, smooth, and looking fabulous from all angles.

Revive the look of your skin with a Morpheus8 treatment, CONTACT Prestige Beauty Bar to discuss options. Ready to book your appointment? CLICK HERE


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