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Taking Filler’s to the International Level

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

I’m a jetsetter, there I said it. I’ve been to Iceland, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Bermuda, to name a few. So spending almost 2 years with lockdowns and restrictions, I began to go stir crazy not being able to travel. As our world has started to open up I was itching to get on a plane and go… anywhere.

With all that downtime during the pandemic I was able to stay up to speed on my Instagram. In following The Consultant Clinic I started to wonder about The Cannula Technique they were using for lip fillers. Then the wheels in my brain started to turn.

Why not mix business with pleasure?

Immediately I started to do my research and before I knew it I had been accepted to train at The Consultant Clinic in London, England under Dr. James. Their injectables course is world famous and I was beyond thrilled with the opportunity to be a Canadian provider and offer this treatment to my clients when I came back home.

What is The Cannula Technique for lip filler?

The Cannula Technique will provide volume to your lips making them look naturally fuller and more youthful. The technique itself has several benefits:

  • Less painful

  • No needles

  • Less trauma to your lips

  • Limits migration of filler outside of the borders

This technique uses a blunt cannula that requires only one port of entry on one side of the face; both upper and lower lips can be treated. In addition, I learned how to do a full dental block so that the single needle poke (for the entry point) is entirely pain free. Due to the limited amount of trauma experienced using this technique, clients are able to go straight back to their lives without concern of bruising or swelling.

Why The Cannula Technique?

What really drew me towards learning The Cannula Technique was the ability to achieve a more natural look while keeping my clients comfortable and allowing them to leave their appointment feeling confident and fabulous. Not to mention the ease in which it can be added to anyone’s beauty routine.

Going to London and learning The Cannula Technique has been a highlight of my year. Of course since I flew over 5,700km to take this course I figured I might as well have some fun while I was there. I dined at one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants, ate a lot of good food, drank some amazing gin, and indulged in some of the finest shopping that London has to offer.

I am grateful for all the experiences I have had in life and feel like it’s a dream come true that I am able to marry two of my passions, travel and beauty, while working a job that I love.

A huge thank you to Dr. James at The Consultant Clinic. The Cannula Technique is invaluable training that will provide my clients with results they will adore.

Wondering if The Cannula Technique will work for you? CLICK HERE to book your free 30 minute initial consultation. Ready to book a treatment today? Visit to see available appointments.


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