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Want Tight Skin But Not a Tight Wallet?

A Forma Membership Can Help Loosen Up Your Finances

While Keeping Your Skin Radiantly Smooth

Woman touching her face, looking in mirror at tight skin perhaps wondering if a Forma Membership is right for her

A new year is often a time when people reflect on their lives and decide what they need and want to focus on. It could be following a new eating regimen, going to the gym, or reevaluating your budget so that it aligns with your lifestyle and goals.

I am no different. When 2023 started I hunkered down and spent some time figuring out what matters to me most and focused on how I want this next year to look for both me and my business.

First was to get back on track with a bit of a healthier lifestyle, I’m doing dry January just to reset and cleanse my body of all the luxuries the holidays had to offer.

Secondly, I have focused my energy into giving more at the gym and really taking to heart what my trainer says; it’s not about losing weight or forcing myself to workout, but rather embracing exercise as an energizing, enjoyable part of my day that makes me feel stronger and more confident.

Prestige Beauty Bar Inc owners dog Milo, a Zuchon - bichon/shih tzu mix

Lastly, finances. This was my least favorite new year analysis of all. It’s no secret that money has gotten tight for everyone, we’re all just a bit more cautious where we spend it to make sure we are investing in what truly matters. For me this meant for both Milo (my Zuchon - bichon/shih tzu mix, 3 year old dog) and me, and also for my clients. A lot of what my job entails is bringing out the natural beauty in everyone that comes to see me; providing confidence and satisfaction with their results.

Just like eating better and exercising, finding a beauty routine that fits your budget for the long term is what will make the difference. Both in how you look and for your wallet.

I was in bed, trying to fall asleep but my mind was racing. That’s when it hit me…a beauty membership! A Forma membership that saves my clients money and ensures they’re continuing to get the beauty treatment they want.

Before and after image of client who had a Forma facial


With all the treatments Prestige Beauty Bar has to offer this seemed perfect for membership opporutnities.

  • It takes approximately 25 minutes

  • There’s no anesthesia needed

  • Recovery time is zero

  • Results are immediate and appreciate over time as collagen is formed

  • Perfect for anyone


Forma is designed to lift, tighten, and contour your skin. It is a non-invasive treatment that uses heat and radiofrequency in order to boost collagen production.

After doing some research, what excited me even more, was finding out that Prestige Beauty Bar Inc. is the first and, currently, only clinic to offer a Forma Membership program in Toronto. It is designed for both new and existing Forma clients, providing incredible savings compared to single sessions or packages.


  • GET IT TIGHT - This package includes everything you need to get started with Forma. It’s a one-year membership that includes 8 sessions a week apart for 2 months, followed by 1 maintenance session per month for 10 months.

That’s a total of 18 sessions!

  • KEEP IT TIGHT - This package is ideal for anyone who has already done their first 2 months of treatments and is looking to maintain their best results all year round! It’s a one-year membership that includes 1 Forma maintenance treatment per month for a total of 12 sessions.

Smiling and confident looking woman with contoured, smooth skin

2023 is another chance to make of your life exactly what you want it to be. From eating habits to financial decisions and now you have new skin opportunities. Whether you’ve had Forma before or are interested in trying something new, our membership program will provide the perfect options for everyone.

Forma Memberships, like a gym membership but for your face! CONTACT Prestige Beauty Bar to discuss membership options or book your free initial consultation and learn how much you can save.


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