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In Conversation with Layla: Your New Go-To Medical Aesthetician at Prestige Beauty Bar

Layla Da Graca, Medical Aesthetician at Prestige Beauty Bar in Toronto.

Prestige Beauty Bar is excited to introduce our talented aesthetician, Layla Da Graca

Layla has become a trusted expert in the field with years of experience and a passion for helping her clients achieve their skincare goals. From working with various clients, she understands the importance of caring for one's skin and the confidence it can bring. 

Layla’s Journey into Medical Aesthetics and Skincare

Before transitioning to medical aesthetics, Layla spent several years working as an immigration law clerk. She found great fulfillment in this role within the legal field, particularly in assisting individuals to immigrate to Canada for a better life. Layla also worked part-time at LifeSpa in Woodbridge, where she honed her skills in nail care. During this time, her interest in the spa industry was piqued, ultimately influencing her decision to pursue a career in aesthetics.

As a young girl, Layla found solace in experimenting with different ingredients and techniques, discovering the transformative power of skincare. “Skincare has always been more than just a routine for me; it's been a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.” This passion grew stronger over the years, leading her to pursue formal training and turn her hobby into a fulfilling career.

Layla Da Graca, Medical Aesthetician at Prestige Beauty Bar Toronto, showing her work as a former Nail Technician.

From Nail Tech to a Medical Aesthetician

Layla’s path to becoming a medical aesthetician was shaped by her passion for beauty and personal experiences. Reflecting on her journey, Layla shares, "I originally started as a nail technician. In high school, one of my cousins had beautiful, natural, long nails, and I was inspired to start taking care of my own. I would grow them and paint them. As I got better at painting and nail art, I started doing my friends' nails as well." Her dedication to perfecting her craft led her to explore gel extensions. 

Not only did she find inspiration from her nail art, Layla’s skin struggles and desire to expand her skills ultimately led her to enroll in a medical aesthetician program. She explains, "What brought me to enroll in the medical aesthetician program were two things: my long struggle with acne and my love for nails." Realizing the impact she could have on others' lives by offering comprehensive aesthetic services, Layla decided to pursue a well-rounded education in medical aesthetics. She adds, "At first, I was just going to take laser hair removal, but then I thought to myself, why not become a well-rounded aesthetician instead? That way, I can serve more and more people.”

Layla’s personal and Professional Aspirations

Layla has ambitious goals that drive her forward in both her personal and professional life. She seeks to conquer a new challenges, like learning how to figure skate; “It would be a new way to exercise for me that would alleviats the intimidation I can feel at the gym.”

In her professional endeavors, Layla is equally determined. She envisions herself as a well-rounded medical aesthetician equipped with a comprehensive skill set to serve her clients effectively. Moreover, she is committed to staying abreast of the latest trends in the beauty industry, ensuring her continued growth and relevance. Layla aims to advance within Prestige Beauty Bar, leveraging her expertise and dedication to contribute significantly to the clinic's success.

Biggest Gratification Comes in the Form of People She Interacts With

For Layla, the heart of her profession lies in the connections she forms with her clients. She expresses, "I enjoy interacting with people. My favorite part of working with clients is their reaction at the end of treatments." Layla finds immense fulfillment in witnessing her clients' joy and satisfaction as they experience the transformative effects of her services.

"When they are happy and feel transformed, it’s the best feeling to know I helped them with their journey." Layla’s struggles with acne add a deeper layer of empathy to her work, allowing her to truly appreciate the impact of skincare treatments on her clients' self-esteem and confidence.

Navigating Consistency: Challenges of a Medical Aesthetician

Layla acknowledges that one of her profession's most challenging aspects lies in practicing what she preaches. Despite her expertise, Layla recognizes the human tendency to overlook personal skincare habits at times. "We are human, and sometimes we forget to stay consistent with our skincare routines. I often remind my clients, but then I will sometimes forget myself to complete all the steps I recommend." This admission underscores the relatable struggle many individuals face, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and perseverance in adhering to effective skincare practices.

 Layla Da Graca, a Medical Esthetician at Prestige Beauty Bar Toronto, is preparing to perform a facial on a client.

Layla’s Journey to Prestige Beauty Bar: An Alignment of Vision and Opportunity

Layla stumbled upon Prestige Beauty Bar through a chance connection. She explains, "One of Prestige’s clients works with my mother, and she caught wind that I had graduated from the MA program, and she knew Sandra was looking to hire." Leveraging this networking opportunity, Layla obtained the contact information for Sandra Wilczynska, founder and lead injector of Prestige Beauty Bar, and promptly applied for the position. "The rest is history," reflecting on the seamless transition that led her to become part of the Prestige Beauty Bar team.

Layla was initially drawn to Prestige Beauty Bar due to her positive impressions of Sandra. "From my first phone call with Sandra regarding my application for the position, I remember thinking, 'Wow, she sounds like a great person and teacher, and I can learn a lot from her.'" Sandra's openness to teaching and nurturing Layla’s growth in the field resonated deeply with her.

The alignment of their personalities and shared vision for the services offered at Prestige Beauty Bar solidified Layla’s decision. "Our personalities matched, and we were on the same page regarding the services we want to bring to the beauty bar." This mutual understanding and compatibility further cemented Layla’s enthusiasm for joining the team at Prestige Beauty Bar.

Not wanting to waste a moment in sharing her knowledge, Layla divulges three essential skincare tips:

  1. Sunscreen Is your best friend: Wear sunscreen daily to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. This simple step prevents sun damage and premature aging and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

  2. Keep it simple, and start strong: Avoid overwhelming your skin with numerous products. Begin your skincare journey with a gentle cleanser, hydrating toner, and moisturizer tailored to your skin type. Remember to top it off with sunscreen for comprehensive protection.

  3. Practice patience and self-care: Refrain from picking at your skin and practice patience in your skincare routine. Remember, skincare is a regular process, not a quick fix. Be kind to yourself and stay consistent—results may not be immediate, but they will manifest with dedication and care over time.

edical Aesthetician Layla Da Graca, inside Prestige Beauty Bar Toronto, holding a Forma device and a microneedling device in the other.

Elevating Skincare at Prestige Beauty Bar 

Layla provides a comprehensive range of skincare treatments at Prestige Beauty Bar, including Facials, Chemical Peels, Forma, Dermaplaning, Microneedling, and Lumecca™ IPL. Book your FREE initial consultation with Layla today and learn why she has become an invaluable addition to the beauty team at Prestige Beauty Bar.


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