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Summer is Calling: So Is Your Forma Facial Membership

Smiling woman after receiving a Forma Facial like the ones offered at Prestige Beauty Bar.

The days are getting longer, and the sun is getting hotter. As the summer season approaches, our skincare routine often requires adjustments to combat the increased sunlight exposure and environmental stressors. 

To minimize the severe effects of the heat, a celebrity-endorsed skin rejuvenation treatment can transform your skincare routine. Forma Facials can help you get a younger, sculpted, and more lifted face.

What is a Forma facial?

As we age, our skin naturally loses elasticity. A Forma Facial is a noninvasive procedure that utilizes radiofrequency technology to deliver controlled heat into the skin’s dermis. This triggers the body’s natural process of collagen production, promoting firmness, tightness, and youthful-looking skin. 

Forma Facials are incredibly versatile and can address a variety of skin concerns:

  • Help tighten and firm the skin to restore a youthful appearance. 

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes, mouth, and forehead.

  • Sculpt and lift facial features, providing immediate results for a more contoured appearance

  • Improve uneven skin tone by promoting the production of new skin cells.

How does a Forma Facial work?

Our skin consists of two main layers: 1. the outer layer, called the epidermis, and 2. the deeper layer, called the dermis, where collagen formation occurs. Forma facials utilize monopolar radiofrequency (RF) technology to deliver targeted heat energy deep into the dermis, heating the tissues and stimulating collagen production. 

The device used to deliver the radio waves is usually a handheld applicator which contains an electrode that emits radio waves. As collagen production ramps up, the skin becomes elastic and less prone to sagging.

Benefits of a Forma Facial Membership

1. Reduce sun damage

Forma Facials stimulate collagen production, which boosts the skin’s resilience to sun damage. After a few sessions, you’ll notice a significant reduction in the appearance of sunspots and hyperpigmentation.

2. Improve sun protection

Summer or no summer, daily application of a broad-spectrum sunscreen is necessary to prevent sun damage. The tightness and firmness in the skin resulting from the Forma Facial offer a better foundation for sunscreens to function effectively. 

4. No downtime

The Forma Facial is a noninvasive procedure that doesn’t require breaking the skin’s surface or puncturing it with needles. With minimal disruption, it allows you to resume your daily activities right after treatment. 

5. Painless

The Forma Facial is generally considered a painless and comfortable procedure. While some may experience a mild warming sensation, most patients tolerate the treatment well.

Registered Nurse and Founder of Prestige Beauty Bar performing a Forma Facial on a client.

Is a Forma Facial Safe?

Forma Facials are generally considered safe for most skin types when performed by a qualified professional. Since the monopolar RF technology delivers controlled heating, the risk of burns or skin damage is significantly minimized.

However, just like any other medical procedure, there are some mild and temporary side effects to consider. These can include redness, swelling, and tingling, which should resolve quickly.

Start Your Summer Skincare Routine with a Forma Facial Membership

Ready to kick-start your summer? The "Get It Tight" package has everything you need! Enjoy a one-year Forma Facial membership with 8 sessions a week apart for 2 months, followed by 1 monthly maintenance session for 10 months. That's a total of 18 sessions to achieve your desired results.

Have you already experienced the incredible benefits of Forma? The "Keep It Tight" package is perfect for maintaining your stunning results year-round! With one Forma Facial membership maintenance treatment per month, a total of 12 sessions, you can sustain your best self and radiate confidence throughout the entire year.

Woman eating berries happy that she started a Forma Facial skincare routine before the summer.

Begin your transformation today with a Forma Membership

Schedule your FREE consultation with Prestige Beauty Bar and prepare your skin for whatever season lies ahead.


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